Podcast: Matt Bell (SOUTH ON MAIN)

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Chef Matt Bell of South on Main talks about opening a new restaurant, how his experience at Ashley’s prepared him for his own location, and why you just might be seeing a new offering in the coming months.  

Podcast: Zac David (THE FADED ROSE)

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Zac David with The Faded Rose talks about his family starting a business that would become a Little Rock mainstay and how he plans to please both newcomers and regular patrons alike.  

Podcast: Ian Beard (STONE’S THROW BREWING)

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Ian Beard from Stone’s Throw talks about the difficulties in starting a brewery, the basics of beermaking and at which restaurants you will soon be able to enjoy Stone’s Throw beer on tap.

Podcast: Matt Clark (WAFFLE WAGON)

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Matt Clark of the Waffle Wagon tells us how his career in the Little Rock food industry led to starting a waffle food truck, and which waffle he is most looking forward to creating.

How to listen to podcasts

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Podcasts are now live! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible. Now, how do you actually listen to these things? The most popular method for downloading podcasts is via iTunes. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to approve … Continued

Being a foodie

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I consider myself a foodie. Depending on how you feel about that word, you could be thinking one of several things about me (and most of them wouldn’t be nice). That’s because the word “foodie” has gotten a bad rap … Continued

About the Top Fives

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The Top Fives came about after a discussion with a co-worker, who was looking for a place to take her visiting family to eat. We went over a few options, and her family had a great night, but I left … Continued

Why a podcast?

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One of my greatest passions in life is food. I love to eat it, cook it, smell it, talk about it, think about it, research it and imagine it. When food is made well, when a handful of quality ingredients … Continued