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The Top Fives came about after a discussion with a co-worker, who was looking for a place to take her visiting family to eat. We went over a few options, and her family had a great night, but I left the conversation thinking I could have done more to help her out. So when I started the Little Rock Foodcast, I decided to create a list that would tell people about the best restaurants our city has to offer.

Now, I’m not the final authority on what is good and what’s not in Little Rock. For one, there’s no way I’ve eaten everything there is to eat here. For another, I’m just one guy who loves food. So I decided to bring in members of the Little Rock food community to help me out. Their mission was to put together a list of Little Rock’s top spots for ten categories. I believe they’ve succeeded.

Now, no list is complete without a little controversy. Chances are, you will look at the list and realize that your favorite spot isn’t on here. You might wonder how in the world you can take us seriously because of the omission. That’s fine. The Top Fives are not perfect. They are just a collection of opinions from some of the people I trust the most when it comes to good food.

You’ll notice there are no national chains in the Top Fives. It’s not because no chain is making good food here in Little Rock. Rather, there are two reasons we aren’t listing chains here. First, this site is dedicated to the local eateries in our city. A big chain doesn’t need our help in promoting their food. They can afford ad space on primetime or major newspapers. A small, local joint can’t buy that luxury. Second, if I’m recommending a Little Rock restaurant to an out-of-town visitor, why would I send them somewhere they can eat at home? I want our visitors to get a unique taste of what Little Rock has to offer.

So use this list for what it is: a collection of opinions by a handful of foodies. An omission doesn’t mean a restaurant is doing bad work, and even the restaurants listed in the Top Fives might have an off night every now and then. This is simply a list that we believe represents Little Rock’s culinary scene, and represents it well.

The Top Fives will change every year, so if you think we left out something important, shoot me an email to steve@lrfoodcast.com. I’ll be more than happy to give your favorite restaurant a first try (or a second, or a third…).

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  1. Thanh Rasico

    This is quite an elaborate beginning! I look forward to following along.

  2. Congratulations on the launch. So excited about the possibilities here!

  3. Great idea

  4. I didn’t realize NYPD was local. I thought they were a Florida based company.

    • Andy, you are right. This is something I didn’t discover until a few weeks after these were posted. I have chosen to leave it on the list for 2013. It will not appear in any subsequent Top Five lists. Thanks for reading!

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