Podcast: Rich and Randall (THE MAIN CHEESE)

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Rich Jensen and Randall Van Den Berghe of The Main Cheese talk about opening their new grilled cheese restaurant, their approach to using high-quality ingredients from Arkansas, and why they decided to create a grilled cheese donut.

Podcast: Stephen Burrow (FORTY TWO)

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Chef Stephen Burrow of Forty Two talks about creating menus for international dignitaries, working closely with Arkansas farmers and what it’s like to cook dinner for President Bill Clinton.

Podcast: Kevin Shalin (The Mighty Rib)

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Kevin Shalin of The Mighty Rib joins the podcast to talk about the departure of Hot Dog Mike, his tremendous food excursion in Bentonville and the lasting impact of Ashley’s at the Capital Hotel.

Podcast: Kelli Marks (SWEET LOVE BAKES)

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Kelli Marks of Sweet Love Bakes talks about teaching herself how to bake and decorate, her opinion on the nationwide cupcake craze, and how her customers fuel her passion for baking.

Podcast: Zara Abbasi (NATCHEZ RESTAURANT)

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Zara Abbasi, pastry chef at Natchez, talks about her love for cooking, being a female chef in a male-dominated profession, and how she comes up with some of Little Rock’s best desserts.