Podcast: Capi Peck (TRIO’S RESTAURANT)

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Capi Peck talks with the Foodcast about her mainstay restaurant Trio’s, how her grandfather’s hotel and restaurant sparked her passion for food, and what she has learned from both opening and closing down a restaurant. Also, a preview of the … Continued

Arkansas chocolate makers forge new paths

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Creating chocolate is a delicate and exacting process. Each step, from selecting and roasting the cacao beans to heating and tempering the melted chocolate to setting and solidifying the final product requires precision and specific conditions. Of course, one of … Continued

Food fundraisers in Central Arkansas

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Crowd-sourced funding has become a big deal over the past few years, and for obvious reasons. What might be an impossible investment for an individual becomes much more obtainable when hundreds or thousands of people are contributing. True story: my … Continued

Podcast: Ashton Woodward (ARKANSAS FRESH)

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Saline County hasn’t had the best luck with restaurants in 2014. Hugely popular food truck Baja Grill departed to set up a permanent location in the Heights, and longtime favorite Ed and Kay’s Restaurant closed down after more than 30 … Continued

Podcast: Jason Brown (B Street Rib-Off)

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Jason Brown, co-founder of the B Street Rib-Off, talks about the upcoming Nov. 1 competition, including how you can sign up to compete or even be a judge. Plus, why the Rib-Off donates all proceeds to the American Cancer Society, … Continued

Podcast: Saroja Shrestha (KATMANDU MOMO)

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Saroja Shrestha of Katmandu MoMo joins the Little Rock Foodcast to talk about the Nepalese food truck she and her husband started up in central Arkansas. Topics include the creation of momo, the distinct geographical food regions of Nepal, and … Continued