Chef of the year: Scott Rains, Table 28

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Perhaps more now than at any point in its history, Little Rock has a large number of talented chefs putting out high quality food throughout the city. From downtown to midtown, west Little Rock to North Little Rock, it’s more … Continued

The top 10 dishes of 2014

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Let’s start this list off with the obvious disclaimer: I did not taste every dish in every restaurant in the Little Rock area this year. In fact, I didn’t eat at every Little Rock restaurant in 2014. I did, however, … Continued

Tomas Böhm: Best restaurateur of 2014

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I strongly considered not creating this yearly award. After all, there’s only so much the public gets to see of a restaurateur’s work. We don’t have access to the extensive paperwork, the juggling of profit margins across a menu or … Continued

Kemuri: Best new restaurant of 2014

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To be honest, Little Rock was spoiled this year. Excellent existing restaurants in the city further cemented their position in the city’s culinary scene, and it’s now hard to imagine the capital city without South on Main, Natchez, Table 28 … Continued